Ilias Kozas was the lead singer of Cabaret Balkan (2008-2011), Motherfunkers (2005-2007),for 2 years collaborated with Ieroklis Mihailidis, Dimitris Starovas and Stathis Paxidis at the famous "Άγαμοι Θύται" musical show.Being a νaturally inquisitive mind could not help but look for a more personal expression vector.
This moment came in 2012 and the name of it was «Koza Mostra». 

It all started with the song "Desire" while preparing for their first album "Keep Up The Rhythm". 
Both of them led Koza Mostra to accept invitations for concerts in festivals abroad even before the celebration of their first year of life. 

When Ilias Kozas ,at the end of 2012, composed the song "Alcohol is Free", no one expected that a year after this song would become a synonym of freedom and optimism throughout Europe. 
With "Alcohol is Free"  Koza Mostra introduced themselves to the rest of the Europe distracting rave reviews from the foreign press : 

"Koza Mostra is hopefully evolve into one of the biggest balkan ska bands
BBC News. 

"For these Greeks the crisis doesn’t exist
Bild News. 

On 22 March 2013, Koza Mostra released their debut album with Platinum Records, titled "Keep Up the Rhythm", in which they had the honor to collaborate with Paul Hitter, the artist that is responsible for the majority of covers and posters of Gogol Bordello, who created the album artistics. 
He even wrote the following touching words on the inside of the album cover: 
"I first met Koza Mostra, at a festival " hidden " in a mountain somewhere in the south of France and it was ,without exaggeration ,of the best concerts I've ever seen in recent years. It made me feel ,because of the energy and passion of their feelings, as I felt at the shows of  Gogol Bordello ... "

Authenticity, extroversion, exertion. Music that first strikes the heart and then the ears. This is the philosophy of Koza Mostra.They are very happy to find so many companions in such a short time. A "thank you" is not enough to them.

Koza Mostra are currently preparing to release their new single "Giorti" while working on their second album.